Life in Turkey

Life in Turkey

In addition to the historical, cultural, geographical and tourism richness that Turkey enjoys, it offers quality, diversity and a wide range of opportunities for foreign citizens wishing to come to Turkey for investment or tourism.

Among these possibilities are; Basic facts like education, health, housing, nutrition and employment come to the fore. Details about Turkey’s wonderful quality of life can be found in the continuation of this genre.

How is the quality of life in Turkey ?

Before I talk about how the quality of life is in Turkey, it is necessary to explain the concepts of quality and quality of life that express what can be defined quality ?

Simply put, the level of perfection and perfection to be achieved. Since the quality can be measured depending on specific parameters (measurement, number, process, time, test) .

Regardless of personal feelings and emotions, they are also influenced by judgments of objective and personal values, tastes and psychology (emotion, excitement, satisfaction, preference, value judgment, attitude). Which appears before us as a personal concept.

The concept of quality of life is very broad, and researchers have developed various definitions regarding quality of life from the past to the present. Where spin most of the research on the quality of life in general; Introduce it to happiness, contentment, and harmony.

The concept of quality of life in numerous studies; It was used in parallel with life satisfaction, life satisfaction, and happiness. But; Life satisfaction, one of the most important determinants of quality of life, is often individual. For example ; Turkey, the city with the highest quality of life value in the international quality of life index conducted across Istanbul, ranks 130th according to 2019 data .

The participation of foreign nationals living in Turkey in the world in terms of life satisfaction found its place among the top 10 countries according to the survey. . This especially indicates that the employees are very happy to live in Turkey by foreigners.

Quality of life in Turkey

Prepared by an independent research company, according to a study conducted in 2019 that provides the highest level of quality of life of the type of foreign countries such as Turkey, it has chosen the 7 best countries around the world to live and comfortable housing associated with work and investment .

Foreigners are very happy to live in Turkey, along with the increased level of satisfaction with the amenities it provides , as a result of the rise in Turkey day after day; It has been ranked among the top 10 countries that offer the best experience for foreign investors around the world to live and work. Turkey found itself seventh, leaving Germany and the United Arab Emirates behind.

The aim of Turkey in the coming years to become the best among the top 5 countries all over the world in terms of pain life of Wa to invest .

The foreigner policies followed by the Turkish government, which were created for this purpose, have proven that they work in the past year in particular, in terms of proposing the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship for foreign real estate investments provided by foreign interests , it seems through this that the level of satisfaction in Turkey Moves Up.

Qualitative studies related to living in Turkey were also prepared in consultation with nearly 20 thousand employees , coming from 163 countries , specializing in foreign research facilities, the quality of life provided by the state, work-life balance, and financial return .

The topic of the research in terms of family life, which was conducted in the world for the most comprehensive foreign workers , it is a research that talks about the quality of life that does not reveal the correct results.

As there are 62 % of foreign workers in Turkey, they stated that the quality of living in Turkey is high from the country that they are of origin,

52% of foreign workers in Turkey, and the professions, and the hobbies or the family to focus more time , and found that 55% can meet the requirements of such a house or car better, stated that 69% feel safe and Turkish people hospitable to them.

60% of foreigners residing in Turkey with the aim of work and investment said that Turkey is better than their country compared to the work-life balance in Turkey.

And also; 59% of foreign workers in Turkey stated that more of them have traveled, while 57% of new skills in social and cultural fields expressed their victory.

On the other hand, especially foreign workers who live in the city in which they live in Istanbul, Turkey, 72% of the architecture, monuments and gardens stated that they are rich in historical and cultural fabric , yet 63% stated that the city in which they live is central to travel .

While 59% said there is a lively cultural life in the city. And 58% as a result of the search for good restaurants and fine dining easily provide all these things, and who want to grow in your career , as well as reveal the high quality life that Turkey seeks is a good choice for foreign workers .

What are the factors that encourage living in Turkey ?

Turkey’s geographical location, climate, historical sites, and many foreign nationals with natural wealth is one of the countries that citizens wish to visit. The number of foreigners who want to settle in Turkey is not the least.

Living with a residence permit in Turkey in 2019 the number of foreigners was recorded at 1 million 531 thousand 180.

Foreigners who want to live and work in Turkey thanks to highly developed legislation have much more opportunities than ever before.

The research based on the information obtained is not less than the number of people who want to work in Turkey. And the

According to the data of the Ministry of Labor and Social Services, the number of people applying for work in Turkey is 472 . 733. They are working in Turkey , but there are some exceptions (security, marine, nursing, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, dentistry , such as) in the business sector is very possible .

Residence and work residency permit investors in Turkey are the same. Foreigners residing in Turkey have many advantages.

Foreigners can get free treatment in all hospitals and clinics in Turkey.

– Foreigners who lived 5 years in Turkey can obtain Turkish citizenship and can benefit from the investment incentives provided by the Turkish government.

Children under the age of 18 who apply for a work permit in Turkey also participate in the work permit.

Foreigners in Turkey How to obtain a work permit?

A foreign work permit is divided into different types such as a limited or indefinite work permit, an independent work permit or an exceptional work permit.

Foreigners can apply as an employee or an employer. Q The work of foreign nationals in our country for each of the employer and the employee.

One of the most important working conditions for foreigners in Turkey is that they are allowed to work within the work permits for foreigners in Turkey, which are not permitted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. However , the documents that must be prepared in order to obtain a work permit may differ according to the sector in which to work.

To submit documents related to work permit is not required to come to Turkey. As for obtaining a work permit or an exemption certificate for foreigners in Turkey, it is mandatory. Administrative fines and permanent entry bans may be imposed on foreigners and employers who work without them.

Advantages offered to foreign investors

Foreign citizens can invest in Turkey by opening foreign branches, companies or companies by making direct investment. Where can foreign citizens who invest directly benefit equally from the opportunities available to local investors.

P foreign investors in Turkey have the possibility of establishing a limited liability company. Through that, foreign investors pay losses, licenses, management, etc. It provides you with research profits and profits generated from activities in Turkey, such that the sales proceeds can pass freely.

For foreigners wishing to invest in Turkey, tax exemption can benefit from investment destination countries such as privatization and special promotional offers.

Living in Turkey is related to the immigration management in Turkey

The General Directorate of Immigration Management at the Ministry of Interior is preparing a survival guide for foreigners who live and from our country to Turkey for various reasons. The study of foreigners began to live in Turkey, and reached different cultures, and the culture in Turkey will be the evidence in terms of adapting to daily life. After the study conducted by the General Directorate of Immigration Management, it will be distributed to foreigners in Turkey.

Life in Turkey

Which of the Turkish cities is most live-able? The result was a surprise

In the context of the best places to live and work in Turkey? Forbes, the world’s oldest economic journal that seeks to answer this question, has published the results of an interesting study. The result was surprising.

Get a feel for the pulse of the business world through this article, as an interesting study took place in Turkey. The truth revealed by the report may surprise you. This research has been included in the most live-able cities in Turkey. 94

94 cities set up according to our address datasets and mega list of our 81 provinces of Turkey .

Check out our list of “Best Cities to Do Business and Live”, Which states are in the ranking ?? . Published Forbes Findings of her research “The Best Cities to Do Business and Live”.

We have been prepared according to the research data set of 94 titles . We chose from them the first ten states in the ranking in order not to prolong this position, and here are the results!

Of course the first place is the giant city of Istanbul. With its streets that please the beholders, its streets that appeal to the hearts of the lovers, its blue seas, its wonderful nature, its urban progress, and modern urbanization, it is the city that combines the fragrance of the present with the heritage of the past, and it is the one that has fused many civilizations throughout history, with the total points of the Istanbul Index: 68.9 .
In second place, the most livable city is located in the Turkish capital, Ankara. The capital of the Turkish Republic, the most populous city in Turkey and the second largest city in the world by population at 38. Total Index Score: 66.13 .
Izmir general index score: 62.39. The favorite city in the Aegean is ranked third with this rating.
Takrdag in the southwest of Istanbul is ranked fourth, which is characterized by the presence of a long coast on the Sea of ​​Marmara, the total score of the index: 61.46 .
Kocaeli, which has supernatural beauty near its neighbor Istanbul, ranks fifth, total index score: 59.98 .
The charming Antalya, which is known for the beauty of its marine coasts, and the abundance of its attractive components for tourists, came in sixth place, total index score: 59.1 .
Yalova, which is famous for its many spas, ranked seventh in the ranking, with total index score: 58.07 .
Green Bursa, known for its natural beauty, and the city that attracts tourists in the winter season came in eighth place, with a total index score: 57.13 .
The city of Eskisehir, which has witnessed an unprecedented development in recent years, has started to attract tourists, investors and businessmen to it by being ranked ninth in the ranking of Turkish states, total index score: 56.84 .
Trabzon is charming with its natural beauty, fresh lakes, attractive landscapes, steep plains, and high plateaus, and famous for the clouds that give its simple rural homes, this city ranked tenth in the ranking of Turkish states that are suitable for living in Turkey with a total score of 53.38 .

The cost of living in Turkey

In the Turkish Trade Union Confederation, based on the survey of the month of hunger and poverty in July, the hunger threshold was 4 pounds 2075 , the poverty line 6760 pounds, and the unmarried children of the employee “cost of living” was 2565 pounds .

2020 pounds , while the minimum wage in Turkey is two thousand and 565 Turkish liras per month for the human needs of life.

And in a survey of the Association of Enterprise Economics and Business Ethics in Turkey (IGIAD), To a family in Istanbul, £ 6 thousand 760 of human subsistence wage in 2019 seemed to provide a monthly livelihood in humane conditions. Research at the Turkish Statistical Institute (TuikIt is located in the statistical area classification and 12 different regions have been presented.

Research, family; It includes food, clothing, housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels, furniture, household appliances, household care, health, transportation, communication, entertainment, culture, educational services and other expenses.

According to the calculations made using the data you produce TURKSTAT, Employers are required to pay a total of 2 thousand 565 liras per month (including bonuses, bonuses, assistance, etc.) to an employee in Istanbul to support their families. This figure does not include the directional expenses that you incurSGK Taxes and government.

While Hong Kong was the most expensive city in the world in 2019; The cheapest city was identified as Tashkent. Istanbul, which ranked 142nd last year, slipped 21 places this year and entered the list from 163rd.

1950 Turkish liras from the cost of preserving human life in Istanbul, calculated as an average. Turkey reported that 1542 Turkish liras .

Enterprise Economics and Business Ethics in Turkey (IGIADHuman wages of subsistence (HDI), And the cost of humanitarian living according to regions in Turkey, “Calculating Humanitarian Fees: A Model for Turkey” is extensively discussed with a research report.

The findings and recommendations of the research report were shared with the public at a meeting held at headquarters IGIAD. According to the research, the human wage for a medium-sized family in Istanbul, which deserves human dignity, meets economic and social needs, and reflects the level of well-being of society, was set at 1950 TL for the year 2016. If Turkey’s average is 1542 TL, it was recorded.

Said Ayhan Krahan, Chairman IGIADProfit sharing within the framework of property rights, in proportion to the contribution of the employer and employee in the profits, is the minimum condition for a fair work life centered on rights. Karahan noted that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s words to employers that “profits should be shared” are important at the G20 summit.

Karahan noted that IGU It is the basic wage level where medium-sized families in various regions will provide a human life, “The basis of this practice is to help employees in the low-income category to reach a human standard of living.” It is an application that aims to reveal the need to participate and thus increase motivation in an environment Business.”

Karahan stated that the Institute IGIADSharing profits in the context of equity and the contribution of key elements such as employers and employees to the profits is seen as a minimum requirement for a fair and rights-centered work life. “This principle is in terms of faith, social solidarity and increasing business efficiency. In this way, fair and equitable participation will be achieved and pave the way for social peace and equal development.”

In defining the International Geographical Union, equality, cooperation and adequacy of wages were taken as the basis.

Karahan stressed that the application IGU It relies on fairness, solidarity and adequacy of wages rather than market conditions, “Especially in our country where the labor supply is intense, it is clear that the market mechanism creates a stand against employees and this is being misused intensely.” He said, “Although the abuse here is not one-sided. However, the side of the employer is more important as an implementing party. ”

Karahan emphasized that the minimum wage paid to employees is an important indicator in terms of social solidarity and level of well-being. IGIAD, Which includes employees as well as employers among its founders, believes that the current minimum wage level should be raised higher. By inviting employers to be more sensitive to this problem, our association aims to continuously improve employees’ wages thanks toIGU “.

“The government should reduce the employee’s cost to a level that is reasonable for the employer.”

Indicating that they recommend IGU , Which he provides IGIAD As an alternative to the business world and it is calculated in real numbers, for all employers to implement it or make an effort to implement it in practice, Karahan said, “For employers to apply this wage level in their businesses, the government must put in place regulations that make the employer’s cost reasonable required. IGIAD , We believe that the minimum wage should not be presented as an electoral promise from now on. ”

Mohamed Akef Ersoy, President of the University Prof. Dr. Adam Korkmaz, in his speech at the meeting, in which he highlighted the importance of ApproachHDI”This approach provided for in conscientious and human responsibility, the classic approach to challenging nature in Turkey bears” the existing assessment. Faculty member at Marmara University m. Assistant. Dr.

Youssef Al-Baiden said: “It includes IGU Family expenses, such as food, clothing, housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels, furniture, household appliances, household care, health, transportation, communications, entertainment, culture, educational services, etc.

Three data sources form the basis of a computation IGU. University Ministry of HealthHacettepe , Prepared using “Turkey Nutrition Guide” and “Consumer Prices” TSIAnd the “Household Budget Survey.” The health and nutrients elements require feeding the daily items in a balanced manner Individuals in Turkey , specific dietary guidelines , and the amount is determined based on the monthly food expenditures for the adult and then the family.

Alpaydın , Who determined that according to the calculations made using the data from TURKSTAT Employers must pay a total of 1,950 Turkish liras per month to support an employee in Istanbul, he said: “This figure does not include education expenses covered by SSI, taxes and the state.

Albayden said, “She recommends IGIADEmployers have this number as the amount of human living wage that should be given to the employee. In a study determining the different fees for each region, with the average price calculated for the Human Development Index, Turkey was at 1542 Turkish liras.

Disadvantages of living in Turkey

Living abroad can be a different and a little difficult experience. However, it can turn into an indispensable passion for regular students. A person’s personality and lifestyle are the most important determinants of this.

Some students face great difficulties while trying to get used to it, even if some of our students return to Turkey, he found himself on the first day being informed of this. Students who give themselves some time and stay outside for a few weeks can adapt to where they live in time, even if they learn. Our suggestion to our students is to give them some time and make friends during this time. Hence, they will see that they get used to where they stay every passing day and will start enjoying it.

The advantages of living abroad are actually much higher than the disadvantages. It is very important to evaluate them and prioritize their benefits. Given that the student has been there for a certain period of time above all, he must analyze the contribution of his education to his future life and the doors that his experience abroad will use as a key for him during his studies in the business or academic field. Since this opportunity is usually only one time in a person’s life, it is imperative to make the most of it.

In addition to the education that a person will receive, living in a country that he does not know alone makes a great contribution to his development. At the same time, standing on his feet improves his self-confidence and ability to make individual decisions. In addition, thanks to the connection that she will establish with friends abroad, she will probably have the opportunity to see new places, new countries and learn about different cultures in this way. As you can see, the benefits of living abroad are not going to be counted.

In addition to the advantages of living abroad, there will certainly be drawbacks. However, given the long-term effects of these defects, it is noted that they are very small. The destination country of course is very different from us; In addition to the benefits of interacting with different religions, different climates, different cultures, and different people, there will also be influences that can bother us.

As long as these influences do not turn into a mutual conflict, a relationship can be established that feeds on differences. In such a situation what needs to be done is to understand everyone without dealing with some sensitive issue. When there are differences that are difficult to tolerate, it is best to talk to the other party and exchange ideas for improvement.

In the end, we must not forget that we are not citizens of the country we are visiting and that we are only there for a temporary period. Since we will return to our country at the end of our program, it is very important to ignore minor issues for the sake of our happiness and to focus on our program.

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