Life in Turkey



ÜSKÜDAR District of Istanbul The district of Üsküdar is located on the Asian-side of Istanbul along the Bosphorus Sea. Largely residential and densely populated, Üsküdar is Istanbul at its most authentic. It offers visitors an exciting opportunity to get off the tourist track. we uncovered some of Istanbul’s most phenomenal hidden gems. From modern mosques and libraries to traditional markets...



Şişli District of Istanbul Şişli is often regarded as one of the upscale districts in Istanbul, there’s a lot more to it than just 5 star hotels and shopping malls. For a taste of Turkish culture, you can find impressive museums, churches and mosques all around this opulent district. Going to Şişli really is an experience of contemporary Turkish History of the Şişli area The history of...

Life in Turkey for the Palestinians

We will devote this article to talking about living in Turkey for Palestinians who want to live in it, as the Turkish Republic opens its doors to many Palestinians to reside on its land, by providing many facilities and procedures that will give them a decent life in various Turkish cities. In this article we will go into more detail and provide information about the livelihood of Palestinians in...

Life in Turkey

Life in Turkey In addition to the historical, cultural, geographical and tourism richness that Turkey enjoys, it offers quality, diversity and a wide range of opportunities for foreign citizens wishing to come to Turkey for investment or tourism. Among these possibilities are; Basic facts like education, health, housing, nutrition and employment come to the fore. Details about Turkey's wonderful...

How to buy an apartment in Istanbul

Before we start talking about How to buy a property in Istanbul Let's take a look at how to get into Turkey And what are the types of visas and how to obtain them. Turkish visa Visa or entry visa can be defined It is the document that is placed on the passport when you enter a certain country, and it enjoys being for a certain period, and it gives its owner the right to enter the country he...

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